8 General Objectives To Expect From A Social Media Marketing Class: Get Engaged!

Social Media Marketing for the Web is a Business/Computer course that is available for Fall 2014 registration at St. Charles Community College. With a plethora of knowledge at your disposal, Professor Ken Tucker will guide individuals of any generation through the process of branding a business using social media.untitled

Social Media Marketing is defined as marketing done through social media sites such as Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, and etc.

Why might anyone want to learn this new trend of digital marketing? What knowledge will people gain from taking this class?face of business

The following is a list of general objectives for the classroom:

  1. Learn how social media plays a role in creating a web presence
  2. Learn how search engine optimization plays a role in creating a web presence
  3. Learn about Content Strategy & Inbound Marketing
  4. Learn the key components on on-page and off-page search engine optimization
  5. Examine how other businesses have effectively used Social Media Marketing
  6. Learn how to implement a Social Media Strategy
  7. Learn how to implement a Search Engine Optimization strategy
  8. Focus on Facebook, LinkedIn, YouTube, Twitter, Blogging, Goggle+, Foursquare, Yelp, Pinterest, Tumblr, and Hootsuiteadfafd

While learning the importance of these objectives, the class will also be engaging in other activities and skills needed to work in a business environment.

Learning and understanding the use of primary tools to effectively use these social media platforms will be a must.

Social Media Marketing for the Web allows students the opportunity for a hands on approach to digitally marketing a business (Non-Profit Organization) as well as other projects.loyal

Student will be able to receive advice on how to solve simple problems dealing anywhere from web-etiquette to design defects.

An important goal of the classroom to enable individuals to better communicate, interact, and manage situations in a professional manner, as any respected businessman, would do face-to-face.adadefre

There are many reasons for getting involved in branding a business through social media sites. It has become essential to the survival and success of any business. Innovative ways to market a business are a result of education. The more an individual understands, the better equipped they are to sway the power of online and social visibility.

CPM 230-80 / BUS 272-80 Social Media Marketing for the Web –> St. Charles Community College –> Fall 2014 –> Go Register!

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