Effective Social Media Strategy: Engaged!

There are many different views on the topic of how social media can best be suited for each individual or business. Whether you’re a clothing brand, hotel, or a musician looking to create a greater digital appearance, the use of a social media site will benefit greatly.

1)Marketing strategy for social media: This article discusses the use of social media in everyday business. The effectiveness of this tool for marketing has been proven to be atop all other strategies as we’ve entered this technological stage.

2)Social Media Tools 101;TweetDeck: Focus of the article is to inform the reader of the positive benefits one can receive from using a desktop app such that of TweetDeck. This app allows a user to successfully manage multiple Twitter accounts from one platform, making a seamless transition. The only drawback of using this app is the competition of Buffer and Hootsuite, who are able to maintain multiple accounts of different social media platforms.

3)Small Brands & Social Media: Article discusses the branding objective of small companies using social media to increase awareness among potential customers. This was once only a practice available to large businesses. Small business are able to be cost-effective while marketing towards a larger audience.

4)Please help! I don’t understand my audience!: The purpose of this article is about the content strategy of marketing. A business must know must understand its target audience that is trying to be persuaded. Many tips on how to further engage this process is discussed more extently.

5)14 Questions to Ask to Help Organize Your Social Media Strategy: The main focus of this article is a reflection on the business by breaking it down into fourteen simple questions. The need to understand your ideal customer, where they hang out, and what they enjoy are crucial in determining how one should market a particular product.

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