Developing An Effective Facebook Strategy: Problem Solved!

Since the unveiling of the company, Facebook, social media sites have offered promising results in the marketing of large and small corporations alike. If using a platform such as Facebook is a companies means towards marketing, many factors are decided upon to successfully use the site correctly. Its commonly agreed that posting two to three times a day with varying times is important. The business must also use different types of posts (visual, contextual, audio) to engage different customers while tracking and measuring the success of each as well. These posts need to have a four interesting or helpful tips compared to one sales ad. Every page must also have a call to action, such as a Like or Comment button. The point of the Facebook page of businesses is to be informative and fun to the customer.

Here are some more interesting tips for expanding the amount of visitors to a page of a businesses:

1) Gain Audience From Former Sites: Use any source of contacts available from previous sites such as LinkedIn, Google+, or your e-mail carrier as this will engage more visitors for the business’s page. When sending an invite to these contacts, remember to send the full product, and not just a backlink to your page.

2) Give Some Love To Others: One of the biggest steps in gaining visitors is to explore Facebook while commenting and liking pages appropriately. The goal is to gain visitors through personal contact and dialogue. This is the time to create your Facebook audience.

3) Use Contests & Incentives: The main point of these exercises is to entertain and create an enjoyable environment for the visitors of Facebook. These rewards aren’t necessarily intended to make another person wealthy, but simply to create interaction.

4) Use Questionnaires: Learning the incentives of your visitors can increase popularity of a page. Using questions and fill-in-the-blank posts where visitors can interact with the business, in turn  creating a more personal customer relationship.

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