Effective Twitter Tools: Right Here!

At this point in time Twitter tools have exploded onto the scene in bundles. Some tools are for the “regular joe”, while the others are meant to help marketers and managers alike. Following is a list of the top Twitter tools for all users on the platform:

  1. Twellow: Twellow is a directory of public Twitter accounts. There are hundreds of categories and search features that enable an individual to find the people who matter to you. This tool can help a user create lists of importance whether they be public or private.
  2. ManageFlitter: This tool allows a user to clean up and manage the people they’re following. It also allows an individual to see who is following back as well as inactive accounts that are followed. Allows easy searches within Twitter streams. Businesses can use this tool to delete inactive accounts to create room for new followers.
  3.  Commun.it: Tool that enables an individual to track who they’re influenced by as well as who is influenced by you the most. It also allows information about who is mentioning you and your brand outside of the network. A business could use this tool to see if they might need to expand towards different platforms and different audiences.
  4. Argyle Social: This is a very advanced Social Media  Marketing software. It enables a user to know how many clicks one gets on your links and which networks visitors to your website have come from. This would be helpful in creating awareness of your target market by knowing who and where these visitors are coming from.

Out of the Social Media tools I spent researching these tools seem to create more efficient Twitter accounts with high traffic from wide-spread visitors.

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