LinkedIn Company Page Blog: Here it is!

1.   IBM: Why game developers are choosing IBM Cloud over Amazon. This post discusses how tech vendors are competing for the global developer population. While IBM SoftLayer’s bare metal services are creating quite the buzz around game developers.


2.  Microsoft: Microsoft’s employees raised record-breaking $113 million for nonprofits in 2013. This blog post entails information dealing with the amount of money Microsoft achieved in raising for its non-profit community. Its impressive that Microsoft matches the employee’s contribution to the charity.

3.   HP: HP Software APJ extends capabilities-for free. Hp Software APJ has added extra capabilities towards achieving higher customer satisfaction. This software program introduced a simplier process of introducing products and pricing while making your buying experience easier as well.


4.   Accenture: Accenture at Mobile World Congress. This blog showcases different concepts, solutions, and technologies that show the full digital capabilities of the company. It discusses topics such as digital strategy and business design.

5.   Dell: Can IT solutions solve traffic woes? The blog discusses the possibilities of the company using information technology to provide speedy ways from point A to B, but also give the user other options to arrive at their destination. Intelligent transportation is possible thanks to the convergence of large data, mobile devices, and GPS systems that can be integrated between one another.


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