Optimizing LinkedIn Profile: Lets Go!

Most individuals look at LinkedIn as a source for obtaining new jobs. As this is true, many people don’t realize the process a recruiter uses to select a future employee. Many job-hunters believe the best way to obtain an interview is by responding to job postings. This only accounts for 25-30 percent of actual interviews received from the employers. The rest of the job opportunities come from recruiters looking through profiles that match their open positions while also networking to obtain referrals through a future employee’s profile.

In every case possible, the most important factor of a LinkedIn profile is the quality and readability of the person’s profile. This ensures to the recruiter that this individual is intellectual and coherent of corporate standards. A candidate has minimal time to get notice, so their LinkedIn profile, should include a concise detailed summary that captures the recruiter’s attention. Another way to brand yourself is by creating an attention-grabbing job title that shows some creativity.When listing companies worked for its important for the more well-known companies to be seen.

An individual may also include links to any groups, blogs, or even a two-minute YouTube summary could get a LinkedIn profile credibility quicker. A big topic for recruiters are any honors or awards one might have received through other occupations or community service. Make sure to highlight these enabling a recruiter to easily identify this section of a LinkedIn profile.

These are a few steps an individual may take to further market themselves through the use of a fully detailed LinkedIn profile.

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