Five Businesses Using Youtube Channels

Apple: Immediately arriving on the channel a user would notice the large banner photo of a sleek, stylish Ipad. Apple designs the Mac, along with OS X, iLife, and iWork. It leads the digital music revolution with iPods and iTunes. It redesigned the mobile phone with iPhone and App Store. And it’s defining the future of mobile media and computing with iPad. Their channel is mostly comprised of ads trying to persuade the user to buy a product. At the moment the feature video is of technology all over the world being used to celebrate Macintosh’s birthday. Apple has over 840,000 subscribers to their channel and counting.

Microsoft: The first impression is a large banner stating, “Empowering Us All” which seems to be consistent with values across the platform. Many of the videos are advertisements, but Microsoft also offers many educational videos. These range from technology production to interviews with employees and corporate executives. The videos getting the most attention are those advertisements concerning the subject of empowerment within each other and the community. Knowing how to set up a YouTube channel to this quality will ensure an increase in traffic. Microsoft has almost 190,000 subscribers to their channel.

Nike: First glance at the Nike channel, it seems a bit plain due to the banner that is only black and white saying, “Just Do It”. Nike sole inspiration is in sportswear for athletes of every sport. The videos are composed of commercials, product advertising, and video compilations of sports, due to Nike’s close relationship to the subject. Users of all kinds comment on most videos while the sport related videos seem to attract the most attention. The only problem is the channel doesn’t seem to pop like other top-rated business’s pages. Nike has 189,700 videos presently with the potential to increase everyday.

ATT&T: ATT&T has prevailed as one of the worlds leader in communication services for the past ten years. The banner to the page is informational stating “Texting & Driving…It Can Wait”, also being the business’s new slogan the past couple months. All the latest and upcoming videos that relate to AT&T- products, devices, services, music, sports, contests, announcements, commercials etc. The videos getting the most buzz are those commercials involving Olympic athletes in different scenarios. Over 36,000 members subscribe to this channel. The channel is engaging, but could use some more eye-popping imagery.

Sony: Sony by far is superior in catching the attention of the user. A fantastic action shot taken of a cellphone dropped into water captures the attention of any individual that comes across this channel. What it has in imagery, it lacks in any type of additional information about the company leaving the user to wonder about general facts or descriptions. The videos are mostly compromised of commercials or announcements in the new and latest products the company has to offer. There are almost exactly 80,000 people that subscribe to this YouTube channel.

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