Pinterest In Business: How-To-Use Effectively!

Pinterest: New Strategies

Pinterest Marketing

Pinterest is on the rise as one of the top marketing strategies in business on a daily business. Younger generations such as the Milleniels are known for responding better to visual images rather than textual information. Information provided will consist of what type of content makes users gain more followers, as well as the audience’s overall exposure and perception of your brand in an online community.

Following is a list of 5 large brand companies that are effectively using Pinterest:

1. Lowe’s: Lowe’s has almost 3.6 million followers and has built its presence by focusing on very particular boards about a single topic including, “50 Projects Under $50” and “Grillin and Chillin”.

2. Real Simple: This magazine has close to 340,000 followers on Pinterest and is particularly successful due to what the brands means to its readers at heart. The boards focus on making life easier and pins that commemorate such. Real Simple includes boards like, “Easy Hairstyles & Accessories” and “Doable Fitness Tips & Ideas”, its Pinterest profile makes self-improvement approachable.

3.  Today Show: The Today Show has been doing a phenomenal job of pinning on a regular basis. This in turn, keeps your profile’s pins in the feed of each pin’s category, which grows followers and repins. To date, the Today Show has well over 23,000 pins and 100,000 followers.

4. L.L. Bean: With an impressive 5.6 million followers, has taken a different venue for marketing their company. Instead of focusing on their particular products, the company targets what the customers like to do. The boards cover everything from “Outdoor Fun” to fishing. By giving this impression that its customers like a certain set of activities, its target audience will feel like L.L. Bean would work with their lifestyle.

5. Everyday Health: A lesson can be learnt from this major brand company’s profile. Everyday Health may have more than 3.8 Pinterest followers, but it doesn’t list its original website on its profile. This can potentially be taking away from the companies large amounts of web traffic. Always make sure to complete the bio, as well as linking the brand’s website.

Pinterest can help improve a business’s marketing strategy by engaging a diverse group of individuals.

Remember 3 key steps to improve Pinterest for a business:

1. Increase Your Brand Authority

2. Expand Your Reach

3. Drive Traffic to Your Site

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