5 Restaurants Using Social Media To Their Benefit

Restaurants have increased their revenues and followings due to the spark of social media platforms enabling the companies to reach out to its customers as well as the other way around. Looking into the top ten of restaurants, we can find Chick-Fil-A and AppleBees, but this doesn’t mean the social media platforms for these companies are being used correctly. It means that many individuals are talking about the brand, which could in turn be good or bad. Chick-Fil-A and AppleBees have caused negative attention toward their brands. An important factor to always consider is the manner in which the company engages and responds on social media platforms is of relevance to if they are actually doing things to be successful.

Many different restaurants have been engaging on a variety of different social media platforms such as: 1.Twitter 2. Facebook 3. Google+. For each social media platform, most restaurants will thrive in these online environments. Firstly, social media creates the opportunities for networking the restaurant with others within the community. Brands emphasize the need for information and inspiration within their social media platforms to engage new and returning customers.

Here’s a list of the top 5 restaurants and what they’re doing:

  1. Subway: Subway is ten thousand followers away from reaching one million, which to any brand is an accomplishment within itself. On Twitter, Subway has sent the most retweets out of any restaurant on the list. Subway’s Facebook page has a whooping 20.3 million fans, while retaining the best engagement store as well.
  2. Mcdonalds: Mcdonalds is on their way to a million followors on Twitter, as this brand constantly engages customers through posts and retweets. Twenty- seven million people in the world are fans of this brands page on Facebook.
  3. TacoBell: TacoBell has divulged into the world of social media and is doing exceptionally well for its brand. Even though TacoBell has only about 9.7 million fans, it has the highest number of Facebook Fan Posts of all the restaurants in this list. Marketing on social media has obviously helped increase customer engagement.
  4. PizzaHut: PizzaHut has always been known for their online deals/coupons. Now with integrating social media with their marketing, customers are able to receive information about such deals of the day that are posted online.
  5. BWW: Buffalo Wild Wings has used its brand perfectly to attract the right customers to their restaurants. With ten million fans on Facebook along with almost two hundred and fifty thousand followers on Twitter, BWW’s has become a destination for fans of all sports and social media platforms.

These companies took a hand-on approach to accomplish the engagement goals set forth with their customers or fans. Businesses must realize that marketing is inexpensive when using a social media platform. It has been an ongoing challenge to connect social media efforts to ROI, companies are increasingly reporting such connections and increasing social media investments.

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