Top 3 Social CRM Tools: Pros & Cons

Social CRM programs relate exclusively to today’s world of social media. It is even said, “social engagement with your customers is not an option any more, it’s a requirement.” This has been found to hold true. Social media has become very prevalent in today’s world, and it is one of the most frequent facets used by companies to communicate with new, returning, or potential customers. In particular, CRM programs have related well with the use of social media platforms such as Twitter and LinkedIn, which have become increasingly important for businesses. Understanding how social media may affect your business is crucial in today’s world, with that being said, here are a few pros as well as cons of CRM:


  1. The user base for social media is becoming even larger, with new users joining daily. With the 645 million users of Twitter alone, a business doesn’t want to miss immersing itself into that market. A company using Twitter and LinkedIn can allow for communication with two separate and fairly different groups of people.
  2. Social media allows an individual to communicate and connect with customers in ways that other types of marketing can’t necessarily allow.
  3. A social CRM program, integrates social media right into your CRM software. It can interface with Twitter and LinkedIn so you can monitor those social media easily and immediately.


  1. Social media can take a significant amount of time to learn, understand, and in many circumstances, integrate with the CRM software. If an individual is not willing or able to commit this time, it can be difficult to get the full intended use out of a social CRM program.
  2. The other big problem here is monetary. As with passing time, it can cost money that one might not have to set up and learn about social media, as well as social CRM, if you or someone on your staff is not familiar with the program.

The above is an adequate overview of the pros and cons of implementing a CRM program, but the pros definitely outweigh the cons. This is not actually the same for each business, as each will have a different amount of time and money to invest. Following is a list of the top five CRM tools available to the public:

  1. CubeSocial-Is a social CRM product for professional services firms like accountants, lawyers or management consultancies. Outlook is the gateway and gatekeeper for emails in corporates, CubeSocial is the equivalent for those firms when it comes to social media.
  2. HonestyBoxx-It helps professionals and professional service firms offer bite sized advice to potential clients. It works where potential clients offer to pay what they think something is worth and it is the professional or firms that agrees to that fee for a small piece of advice.
  3. SugarCRM-This program integrates social media directly to your CRM software. Sugar CRM can interface with platforms such as Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, and HootsSuite too!

*Suggestions are always welcomed through peer comments!

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