Top Retailers Actively Using Social Media Effectively For Marketing

There are many opportunities that retailers are able to take advantage of within this age of technological freedom and innovation. With the emergence of dominant social media platforms such as Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, and Instagram have created increased awareness about different retailers from across the country or even the world. Customers are easily allowed to view content and products from the company as well as friendly competitions.

The following are retailers using social media platforms and what they’re doing on each:

  1. Apple-Made a suprising move by featuring their new iPhone 5C on Tumblr, on of the company’s first serious forays into social media.
  2. Urban Outfitters-Moira Gregonis, Senior Marketing Manager, talks about encouraging fan submitted content using the hashtag #UOonYou, for a chance to be featured on their website.
  3. Saks Fifth Avenue- The brand is sharing videos of their favorite beauty profucts and how to use them with the hastage #Saksin on Vine.
  4. Johnson & Johnson-Asks fans to submit baby name ideas on Twitter to celebrate the 30 millionth Malaysian baby to be born.
  5. Nordstrom-Lets fans suggest where Sarag Jessica Parker stops along her route promoting her new line of shoes using Pinterest.
  6. PacSun-Recently has just launched major improvements to the online and mobile editions of its clothing store. This move provides customers with a more social experience. Many of PacSun’s customers are heavy users of social networks as well. Tim Katz, PacSun’s Director of Ecommerce, knew the importance of offering customers an immersive social experience on
  7. Adidas-Adidas, much like Nike’s #RiseAbove campaign during the London Olympics, is relying heavily on using Youtube,, Twitter, and other forms of social media channels for its newest campaign. #TheReturn follows MVP NBA athlete Derrick Rose through his rehabilitation from a knee injury that occurred during last years playoff race. Through what seems like a documentary, videos released on the Adidas basketball Youtube channel (which Rose is an executive producer of the series). Adidas conveys the struggles, hardships, as well as the triumphs of Rose’s recovery, keeping him in the center of fan’s minds all across the world.
  8. Nike-One of the first retailers to adopt digital marketing strategies was that of the Nike corporation, starting as early as 1996, when Nike launched ‘’, for the Olympics. The first sign of social media usage occurred around 2005 when Nike joined MySpace and YouTube. Nike utilizes Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, Pinterest, Instagram, and Google+ to connect with their target markets and the general public as a whole.

Value Creation for company:

  1. Increased CRM effectiveness
  2. Low implementation & maintenance costs
  3. Increased brand trust due to public evaluation
  4. Drives conversion
  5. ROI is hard to calculate; Survey-based measurements

Value Creation for consumers:

  1. Social Value
  2. Functional Value
  3. Monetary Value
  4. Entertainment Value

*Feel free to express one’s opinion freely!

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