Top Reasons on the Importance of Social Bookmarking

Most importantly to a user is understanding the difference between social bookmarking and that of social media. Not all social bookmarking websites are considered social media and vice-verse. Social bookmarking websites provide authority to users to share something that has been previously shared by them or by another individual. The bookmark can be anything including a blog post, a picture, an entire website, or just a single article that an individual discovers surfing the Web. Users may save content bookmarked by them to a distinct directory which makes accessing it simpler for other users to discover the content.

For small businesses, social bookmarking allows you to share your own content on various websites so that other individuals may stumble upon your content and possibly share it even further! This method is useful for enticing potential customers who aren’t aware of the company’s products and services available. There is a greater chance of individuals finding a company’s website through social bookmarking as opposed to regular search engines.

Businesses may also use social bookmarking to promote a new service or product that the company is unveiling. Posts should contain promotions for the company through social media platforms and social bookmarking, allowing the people to do the work of sharing it further along. Some preferred social bookmarking websites are Technoarti, the, Digg and StumbleUpon Yahoo owned


  1. Social bookmarking is a creative means of gathering like-minded individuals (men and women) with one another.
  2. Offers consumers an opportunity to precise their perspectives and outlook on info gathered from diverse methods throughout the country or world.
  3. Social bookmarking website are tailored by individuals who generally bookmark pertinent information or sites only.
  4. Proved to become resourceful for advertising an online business.

Social bookmarking can be used to drive readers to your site, no matter during the launch or a campaign. Your own bookmarks will begin the initial push, but the recommendations and ratings from other social media users will make the crusade go viral. When used with other social media development tactics, as just one is never enough,  social bookmarking will propel the site’s search engine ranking. While also moving your business to the front of the market.

Social media optimization entails all the various facets into consideration while attracting attention to the content posted within your site. Possibly with the help of a professional if needed, your business is literally steps away from diving into the pool of social media power in a whole new way.

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10 Of The Top Social Media Monitoring Tools: Find Out Here!

There is good news and bad news when it comes to businesses powering the social web to communicate with customers and improve the brand’s exposure.

Good News: Almost 86% of professionals have adopted the use of social media platforms within their businesses.

Bad News: 84% of individuals who’ve engaged in social media have never monitored their social media programs. 40% of those respondents weren’t even sure it was possible to monitor social media ROI.

With an entrepeneur at every block of each city, there is no surprise of the many different social media monitoring tools available to the public. The best part is that most of the tools are free of charge! Following is a list of the top free social media monitoring tools the market has to offer:

Social Media Search & Analysis:

  1. Social Mention-Free; A full-featured search tool, allowing the tracking of mentions, sentiment, and activity across Facebook, Twitter, Flickr, YouTube, and blogs throughout the web.
  2. Talkwalker Alerts-Free; An easy and free alert service that delivers email updates with the latest mentions on the Web directly to your email box. Google Alerts offers the same service.

Social Media Management Dashboards:

  1. HootSuite-Free for up to 5 profiles. Great for managing, monitoring and publishing to LinkedIn, Twitter, Facebook, Foursquare, WordPress, and Google+ Pages, Hootsuite acts as a community dashboard . Hootsuite apps allow you to add more networks and functionality.
  2. SproutSocial-Free trial, then $39-$99/month. This is a Chicago based company combining monitoring, publishing, and reporting in an easy to use dashboard.

Social Media Search Tools for Startups:

  1. Google Analytics-Free; The programs measures traffic from LinkedIn, Twitter, Facebook, and other  social sites. Allows looking up the stats to get insight on how social media is driving traffic to your site.
  2. Clicky-Free, up to 3,000 daily pages views. Real-time analytics show you who’s on your site and where they are. I like Clicky’s display of visitors by location and actions. The social insights tell you who came from where

Miscellaneous Tools:

  1. Monitter-A real-time, live Twitter monitor that allows you to enter up to three keywords and monitor what is being said.
  2. BoardTracker-You can set up keywords to track, choose your preferences, and have the results e-mailed to you. It allows you to run searches on topics that are being discussed in forums or discussion boards.
  3. Klout-This program measures the influence on topics from across different social media platforms. It allows you to track the impact of your links, recommendations, and options across a variety of social media platforms.
  4. Addictomatic-Allows the user to create a personalized tracking page and pulls content from all over the Internet including Google, Yahoo, Technorati, YouTube, etc.


Whether using a low-cost or free tool to get started, it’s absolutely critical to track social media efforts and integrate the results back to the goals of your business.

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Top 3 Social CRM Tools: Pros & Cons

Social CRM programs relate exclusively to today’s world of social media. It is even said, “social engagement with your customers is not an option any more, it’s a requirement.” This has been found to hold true. Social media has become very prevalent in today’s world, and it is one of the most frequent facets used by companies to communicate with new, returning, or potential customers. In particular, CRM programs have related well with the use of social media platforms such as Twitter and LinkedIn, which have become increasingly important for businesses. Understanding how social media may affect your business is crucial in today’s world, with that being said, here are a few pros as well as cons of CRM:


  1. The user base for social media is becoming even larger, with new users joining daily. With the 645 million users of Twitter alone, a business doesn’t want to miss immersing itself into that market. A company using Twitter and LinkedIn can allow for communication with two separate and fairly different groups of people.
  2. Social media allows an individual to communicate and connect with customers in ways that other types of marketing can’t necessarily allow.
  3. A social CRM program, integrates social media right into your CRM software. It can interface with Twitter and LinkedIn so you can monitor those social media easily and immediately.


  1. Social media can take a significant amount of time to learn, understand, and in many circumstances, integrate with the CRM software. If an individual is not willing or able to commit this time, it can be difficult to get the full intended use out of a social CRM program.
  2. The other big problem here is monetary. As with passing time, it can cost money that one might not have to set up and learn about social media, as well as social CRM, if you or someone on your staff is not familiar with the program.

The above is an adequate overview of the pros and cons of implementing a CRM program, but the pros definitely outweigh the cons. This is not actually the same for each business, as each will have a different amount of time and money to invest. Following is a list of the top five CRM tools available to the public:

  1. CubeSocial-Is a social CRM product for professional services firms like accountants, lawyers or management consultancies. Outlook is the gateway and gatekeeper for emails in corporates, CubeSocial is the equivalent for those firms when it comes to social media.
  2. HonestyBoxx-It helps professionals and professional service firms offer bite sized advice to potential clients. It works where potential clients offer to pay what they think something is worth and it is the professional or firms that agrees to that fee for a small piece of advice.
  3. SugarCRM-This program integrates social media directly to your CRM software. Sugar CRM can interface with platforms such as Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, and HootsSuite too!

*Suggestions are always welcomed through peer comments!

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Top Retailers Actively Using Social Media Effectively For Marketing

There are many opportunities that retailers are able to take advantage of within this age of technological freedom and innovation. With the emergence of dominant social media platforms such as Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, and Instagram have created increased awareness about different retailers from across the country or even the world. Customers are easily allowed to view content and products from the company as well as friendly competitions.

The following are retailers using social media platforms and what they’re doing on each:

  1. Apple-Made a suprising move by featuring their new iPhone 5C on Tumblr, on of the company’s first serious forays into social media.
  2. Urban Outfitters-Moira Gregonis, Senior Marketing Manager, talks about encouraging fan submitted content using the hashtag #UOonYou, for a chance to be featured on their website.
  3. Saks Fifth Avenue- The brand is sharing videos of their favorite beauty profucts and how to use them with the hastage #Saksin on Vine.
  4. Johnson & Johnson-Asks fans to submit baby name ideas on Twitter to celebrate the 30 millionth Malaysian baby to be born.
  5. Nordstrom-Lets fans suggest where Sarag Jessica Parker stops along her route promoting her new line of shoes using Pinterest.
  6. PacSun-Recently has just launched major improvements to the online and mobile editions of its clothing store. This move provides customers with a more social experience. Many of PacSun’s customers are heavy users of social networks as well. Tim Katz, PacSun’s Director of Ecommerce, knew the importance of offering customers an immersive social experience on
  7. Adidas-Adidas, much like Nike’s #RiseAbove campaign during the London Olympics, is relying heavily on using Youtube,, Twitter, and other forms of social media channels for its newest campaign. #TheReturn follows MVP NBA athlete Derrick Rose through his rehabilitation from a knee injury that occurred during last years playoff race. Through what seems like a documentary, videos released on the Adidas basketball Youtube channel (which Rose is an executive producer of the series). Adidas conveys the struggles, hardships, as well as the triumphs of Rose’s recovery, keeping him in the center of fan’s minds all across the world.
  8. Nike-One of the first retailers to adopt digital marketing strategies was that of the Nike corporation, starting as early as 1996, when Nike launched ‘’, for the Olympics. The first sign of social media usage occurred around 2005 when Nike joined MySpace and YouTube. Nike utilizes Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, Pinterest, Instagram, and Google+ to connect with their target markets and the general public as a whole.

Value Creation for company:

  1. Increased CRM effectiveness
  2. Low implementation & maintenance costs
  3. Increased brand trust due to public evaluation
  4. Drives conversion
  5. ROI is hard to calculate; Survey-based measurements

Value Creation for consumers:

  1. Social Value
  2. Functional Value
  3. Monetary Value
  4. Entertainment Value

*Feel free to express one’s opinion freely!

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5 Restaurants Using Social Media To Their Benefit

Restaurants have increased their revenues and followings due to the spark of social media platforms enabling the companies to reach out to its customers as well as the other way around. Looking into the top ten of restaurants, we can find Chick-Fil-A and AppleBees, but this doesn’t mean the social media platforms for these companies are being used correctly. It means that many individuals are talking about the brand, which could in turn be good or bad. Chick-Fil-A and AppleBees have caused negative attention toward their brands. An important factor to always consider is the manner in which the company engages and responds on social media platforms is of relevance to if they are actually doing things to be successful.

Many different restaurants have been engaging on a variety of different social media platforms such as: 1.Twitter 2. Facebook 3. Google+. For each social media platform, most restaurants will thrive in these online environments. Firstly, social media creates the opportunities for networking the restaurant with others within the community. Brands emphasize the need for information and inspiration within their social media platforms to engage new and returning customers.

Here’s a list of the top 5 restaurants and what they’re doing:

  1. Subway: Subway is ten thousand followers away from reaching one million, which to any brand is an accomplishment within itself. On Twitter, Subway has sent the most retweets out of any restaurant on the list. Subway’s Facebook page has a whooping 20.3 million fans, while retaining the best engagement store as well.
  2. Mcdonalds: Mcdonalds is on their way to a million followors on Twitter, as this brand constantly engages customers through posts and retweets. Twenty- seven million people in the world are fans of this brands page on Facebook.
  3. TacoBell: TacoBell has divulged into the world of social media and is doing exceptionally well for its brand. Even though TacoBell has only about 9.7 million fans, it has the highest number of Facebook Fan Posts of all the restaurants in this list. Marketing on social media has obviously helped increase customer engagement.
  4. PizzaHut: PizzaHut has always been known for their online deals/coupons. Now with integrating social media with their marketing, customers are able to receive information about such deals of the day that are posted online.
  5. BWW: Buffalo Wild Wings has used its brand perfectly to attract the right customers to their restaurants. With ten million fans on Facebook along with almost two hundred and fifty thousand followers on Twitter, BWW’s has become a destination for fans of all sports and social media platforms.

These companies took a hand-on approach to accomplish the engagement goals set forth with their customers or fans. Businesses must realize that marketing is inexpensive when using a social media platform. It has been an ongoing challenge to connect social media efforts to ROI, companies are increasingly reporting such connections and increasing social media investments.

*Comments or likes are warmly welcomed!


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Pinterest In Business: How-To-Use Effectively!

Pinterest: New Strategies

Pinterest Marketing

Pinterest is on the rise as one of the top marketing strategies in business on a daily business. Younger generations such as the Milleniels are known for responding better to visual images rather than textual information. Information provided will consist of what type of content makes users gain more followers, as well as the audience’s overall exposure and perception of your brand in an online community.

Following is a list of 5 large brand companies that are effectively using Pinterest:

1. Lowe’s: Lowe’s has almost 3.6 million followers and has built its presence by focusing on very particular boards about a single topic including, “50 Projects Under $50” and “Grillin and Chillin”.

2. Real Simple: This magazine has close to 340,000 followers on Pinterest and is particularly successful due to what the brands means to its readers at heart. The boards focus on making life easier and pins that commemorate such. Real Simple includes boards like, “Easy Hairstyles & Accessories” and “Doable Fitness Tips & Ideas”, its Pinterest profile makes self-improvement approachable.

3.  Today Show: The Today Show has been doing a phenomenal job of pinning on a regular basis. This in turn, keeps your profile’s pins in the feed of each pin’s category, which grows followers and repins. To date, the Today Show has well over 23,000 pins and 100,000 followers.

4. L.L. Bean: With an impressive 5.6 million followers, has taken a different venue for marketing their company. Instead of focusing on their particular products, the company targets what the customers like to do. The boards cover everything from “Outdoor Fun” to fishing. By giving this impression that its customers like a certain set of activities, its target audience will feel like L.L. Bean would work with their lifestyle.

5. Everyday Health: A lesson can be learnt from this major brand company’s profile. Everyday Health may have more than 3.8 Pinterest followers, but it doesn’t list its original website on its profile. This can potentially be taking away from the companies large amounts of web traffic. Always make sure to complete the bio, as well as linking the brand’s website.

Pinterest can help improve a business’s marketing strategy by engaging a diverse group of individuals.

Remember 3 key steps to improve Pinterest for a business:

1. Increase Your Brand Authority

2. Expand Your Reach

3. Drive Traffic to Your Site

*Comments, suggestions, and repost are warmly welcomed!

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YouTube For Business: Need To Knows!


Marketing has always looked for a way to promote their brand easily and cost efficiently through whatever means. YouTube has created a powerful venue for marketing by businesses all across the country and even internationally. The benefits of using YouTube is its completely free as well as easily accessible to individuals and businesses alike. This social media platform is available to a large mass market at any time of the day. Uploading videos doesn’t initially show immediate results. Its takes consistency, quality, and time for a business’s page to gain popularity from the public to reach a successful level that over Apple or Nike.

There are certain guidelines towards creating a successful YouTube channel for a business. Here are a few tips to experience greater popularity:

  1. The content a business posts needs to be relevant and fill a need of the public. Posting valuable information that entertains the viewer as well. Being engaging and creative will prompt an increase in the business’s community of subscribers.
  2. Businesses need to give a face to the organization to develop a real connection with the viewer. Videos can either feature an actor/actress or an actual spokesperson from the company. Using real people consistently helps build relationships.
  3. Videos need to be quick and engaging to the target audience providing sufficient information about the subject at hand.

YouTube videos need to follow a strict template to become successful in the mass media. The video must start with an attention grabber followed by an intro bumper. The content section of the video should last from 1-5 minutes. The last part of the video includes the outro bumper, ending with the outtakes. YouTube will remain as a primary social media platform in marketing for businesses.

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